About Us

  • Cosma began in 1980 building specialty machines on behalf of third parties. It began with the building of machines for wood manufacturing and for the domestic lighting sector.

    In 1983 Cosma began a special cooperation with a private factory for the manufacturing of refrigerator foaming plants.

    This cooperation caused Cosma to expand and consequently to build two additional factories, Mecos and Astom. Astom specializes in the manufacturing of refrigerator foaming plugs and has become one of the world's largest producers of this product.

    In 1995 a fourth factory was built named Forest. Forest is supplied with many special machines to manufacture special mechanical parts. Forest also manufactures and assembles special conveyors for transporting refrigerators and various other parts for the refrigerator foaming plants. Cosma has an additional advantage by having its own machine shops.This allows Cosma to manufacture 90 % of all machined parts used in the production of it's plants.

    The machine shops have 25 of the latest generation of CNC machine operated by highly skilled machinists. The integrated machine shops set Cosma apart from competitors by being complete manufacturer and not just an assembly shop.s Cosma srl has control over all the machined components from design to assembly and the final testing of the plants.

Our Mission

  • The factory is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, valid for the designing, production, ainstallation and assistance of the plant and for the metal sheet cold working.

    Always grateful for this cooperation Cosma is introducing new products for other mechanical sectors:

    "Technological plants for sheet metal cold working for white goods and household appliances"

    While continuing this cooperation that is going on almost 30 years, Cosma is also evaluating other possibilities in other fields in order to maintain high standards in the specialty machine markets and to offer their customers the highest possible level of specialty machine

    Beyond the building of the machine Cosma also supplies the worldwide installation of the plants with the assistance of the final user

    The vast experience the technology and the know –how of the existing structure of Cosma offers and assures you of:

    High quality level of the technology in the lines and machines, complete assistance, satisfaction, efficiency, high level of reliability , price, image, absolute respect of delivery time, global service, full client support with a range of services.